X-Kote Wipe On Clear Coat
Professional Scratch Repair & Paint ReNewal
Paint Correction on Steroids!
No License FEES - No Territory FEES - No Franchise FEES - No B.S.
We ONLY Require a 2-Day, Hands-On Training Class. 
X-Kote Hand-Applied Clear Coat
X-Kote Hand-Applied Clear Coat



With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place, we have postponed all X-Kote training & certification. 
When the restrictions are lifted, X-KOTE training will resume at a brisk pace.
X-Kote is in high demand and we will have 100’s of highly skilled professionals waiting to be trained.
You can secure your spot with a $50 refundable deposit. Just Click the link BELOW.
Many more training dates, in more locations, will soon be added.

X-Kote Training will be conducted in the following locations:

- Tacoma, Washington
- Irwin, Pennsylvania
- Los Angeles, California
- Alabama (TBD)
- Florida (TBD)

Again, we are expecting X-Kote Training classes fill up quickly, once restrictions are lifted.
Please be sure to secure your spot today.
It’s a 1st come, 1st serve basis with your $50, fully refundable deposit.

Please click the Secure your Spot button below to secure your spot for future X-Kote Trainings

X-KOTE is Originator of the hand-applied 2K clear coat industry, with over 16 years in business. 
What is X-KOTE? It is the SAME clear coat that is already on your vehicle. 
It’s a thin layer of ultra glossy clear coat that chemically bonds with your original clear coat.
 It fills in car wash scratches, buffer trails and other wear & tear.
It self-levels within seconds and you can install ceramic coatings the next day.
X-KOTE is an Easier, Faster and more Economical way to achieve that "Brand New Car" look.
It's like getting a brand new paint job, in one day!
Don't RePaint it, X-Kote it!
16 years in business | 400,000+ cars X-Kote'd Wordwide | Zero Failures!
No License FEES - No Territory FEES - No Franchise FEES - No B.S.
X-KOTE takes a fraction of the time, money and effort that it takes to re-paint a car or perform
traditional, multi-stage paint correction. Plus, we add clear coat, instead of removing it. 
A protective layer of ceramic coatings can be applied the next day. (This is Optional)
X-KOTE = Increased Gloss, Color and Brightness, plus amazing Visual Depth of the Paint.
ReNew - ReBoot - ReClear
PLEASE NOTE: X-Kote is NOT a DIY (Do It Yourself) product. It is a "Professional Only" Service. 
X-Kote is only applied by fully trained and qualified X-Kote technicians. 
Every "X-KOTER" is a Certified X-KOTE Dealer/ Installer. 
They have attended and passed an intense, hands-on X-Kote Training Class. 
X-Kote as a service, is only available at Certified X-Kote Centers. 
How many car wash damaged, worn out and scratched vehicles could use X-KOTE?
100's of millions!
A Glossy, Scratch-Free clear coat can raise the value of any vehicle $1000's of dollars.
Imagine the possibilities!
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